Impress Your Guests With A Beautiful Tablescape

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When it comes to hosting a dinner party, lovely table decoration plays a significant role in welcoming your guests and creating an inviting atmosphere. Napkin folding can be an interesting element in your tablescape.

By using a single use, paper napkin you get to skip the linen rental or maintenance of your own cloth napkins but still offer decorative and elegant look on your table.  the napkins US offers a collection of quality napkins in variety of colors & prints that complement every home. Fold them into different creative designs to emphasize your table decor.

Decorate Your Table With Fan Fold Napkin Design

Napkin folding is not a difficult task but it requires a bit of patience and practice to create beautiful design patterns. Here is one simple technique that you can use to enhance the look of your dining table.

Fan Fold

It is one of the easiest folds that can be used to highlight the table decoration. For this you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Place the napkin on the table
  • Now fold it in half diagonally
  • Next fold the napkin into small accordion pleats till you reach half of the napkin
  • Turn over the napkin and fold it again into half
  • Tuck center of the napkin
  • Stand upright and smooth out the pleats of the fan

If you are looking for high quality colorful napkins to add elegance to your table top then check out the exclusive collection of napkins offered by the napkins US online shop. Our napkins bring wide range of colorful varieties of napkins including Kitchen Line napkins, Special Edition Holiday styles and our most popular Deluxe Classic Line. Create a stunning presentation without investing in those expensive linens.

So, impress your guests by serving them a delicious meal on a stylish and decorative table top.


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