Original Premium Single Use Napkins For Unique Table Settings

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The key reason behind the popularity of paper napkins is the convenience. Linen and cloth napkins come with time consuming laundry needs to achieve a fresh appearance. With our single use paper napkin, every event begins with a fresh and crisp napkin and you won't waste time on clean up and maintenance...just toss in the bin and call it a day! Single use paper napkins are widely used in restaurants due to their cost effectiveness and convenience. The amount of money spent in the laundering of cloth napkins, could be better spent on buying the paper napkins. With single use, luxury napkins there is no chance that a guest will get a stained or shabby napkin. 

Save time, buy napkins online 

Our luxury single use paper napkins come in wide range of sizes, designs and colors. They can easily be purchased from the napkins US online shop. Whether you're planning a party for a special occasion or for causal Sunday barbecue, you can choose from our chic array of napkins premium single use dinner napkins, cocktail napkins, casual bistro style line napkins, etc. according to your need.  Our napkins feel so much like fabric, your guests will be amazed that they are single use. 

the napkins US provides the finest range of luxurious paper napkins for every occasion. You can buy the original premium single napkins to achieve elegant and unique table settings without compromising quality. Our luxurious napkins play well in enhancing tablescapes with chic, sophisticated style.  Designed in Switzerland and made in Italy with a truly unique process creating textile from cellulose tissue, these napkins are every host's secret entertaining weapon. 


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