If you're not sure which colors work for your design palette, order our fan deck. Sample napkins arrive with all standard napkin colors offered to the US market. Included in your shipment are the following napkin samples:

Deluxe Classic - 12 colors

Silver Grey, Dark Grey, Polar White, Kiwi, Turquoise, Ochre, Taupe, Bordeaux, Dark Yellow, Champagne, Salmon, Cocoa

Deluxe Classic Floral - 5 colors

Bordeaux, Blue, Silver Grey, Green, Brown

Kitchen Line - 5 colors

Rustic Red, Garden Green, Dutch Blue, Sunny Side Up Yellow, Chocolate Brown

Please note that not all color options pictured for the Deluxe Classic are available as standard colors. ONLY the colors listed above are offered for the US market and are included with the fan deck.


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